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Casa Bella Boutique Hotel San Isidro

San Isidro is considered by many locals in Lima and foreign travelers one of the best places to stay while visiting the capital of Peru. No wonder many big chain hotels and small boutique hotels like to base their properties in this beautiful neighborhood of Lima. So If you are looking for a more quite or peaceful stay without the rush of night life activities but at the same time wanting to be close to all the action and tourist attractions then this area is right for you. Casa Bella Boutique Hotel in Lima Peru will provide their guests with all the traveler needs and services. You will also be able to admire beautiful tourist sites like Huaca Huallamarca and the emblematic Parque El Olivar or the Olive Park, a park founded more than 500 years ago by the spaniard conquerors. San Isidro is also home to many local five star hotels like the Country Club, The Swiss Hotel, Atton and others. As we mention before, many boutique hotels in Lima have San Isidro as their main area of attraction for many local and foreign travelers.

Casa Bella Boutique Hotel Miraflores

Miraflores is a unique and magnificent tourist neighborhood in the city of Lima. Located right along the coast and facing the great Pacific Ocean with astonishing and beautiful sunsets. It is the city that has it all including great big chain hotels as well as many cute small boutique hotels, bed&breakfasts, B&B, hostels, etc. Staying in Miraflores in Lima is definitely the traveler’s s best option if their goal is to have all the action, our guests will find great points of interest like tourist attractions, dining getaways with five star international ratings, admirable architecture, night life, cultural interaction and of course amazing accommodations options as we are surrounded by great big chain hotels, like the Marriott and small boutique hotels. Miraflores, as we mention before, is the preferred choice for tourists that are visiting Lima, not only for what we have mentioned above but also because it is located right next to San Isidro and Barranco, very strategic area if you are also planning to visit these two neighborhoods while visiting Peru.
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